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Everyday our (anti)Detention team, led by Andres Jimenez receives calls and letters from our Friends in detention and their families. Now, more than ever we must work to change the unjust immigration detention and deportation machine. Prisons and Immigration detention are hotbeds of COVID-19, and are in danger of becoming death camps if we do not #FreeThemAll

Read the words, and listen to their voices.

Letters From Detention

Letter from Yoscal

Letter from Marvin

Letter from Ramón

Letter from Robeson-He is now Free!

Letter from Josue

Letter from Edwin-He is now Free!

Letter from Elvin

Letter from Everod

Letter from Francisco

Letter from Jerferson

Letter from Jose

Felipe's Story

"They’re bringing the food to our bunks. We all have fever and officers say they can’t help us. They’ve taken people with the virus."


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Sayli's Story

"I’m 31 years old, and came from Cuba. My sister is my sponsor and is here in the USA. I was called for detention in Hidalgo Texas, after waiting for almost 2 months to get in through the bridge, on a waiting list."


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Jamie's Story

Jamie is 19 years old, and has 3 brothers and 2 sisters in the states, he was detained in 2019 in Rio Grande Texas, and sent to a Mississippi jail. He has medical conditions.


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Clemente's Story

"I am in the dorm, which is the one with least security. On Tuesday they brought all of our mates from another floor--48 people to a room. Because the virus is on two floors, we are going to get infected quicker."


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Leyanis' Story

Leyanis is 46 years old, from Cuba, and came to the USA in 2019. She has cousins, a brother, and her son in the USA. 

She suffers from cardiac arrhythmia, high blood pressure but they won’t measure it at the detention center. She has hypertension and diabetes, and is a renal patient. 


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